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Being environmentally sensitive and taking care of your lawn may seem like opposite pursuits. After all, American homeowners typically spread toxic chemicals—up to 10 pounds per acre—to keep their lawns green and plush.
Rainstorms flush those fertilizers and pesticides into local ponds, lakes, and streams, which is dangerous to fish and plants. Gas-powered lawn mowers produce the same amount of air pollution in 1 hour as a car driven for 100 miles.
Here are tips to becoming more environmentally responsible and having a greener lawn:
  • Rotor mowers work environmental wonders for smaller lawns. They maneuver very easily and have very low maintenance costs.
  • The much quieter, electric mowers emit far fewer pollutants than the gas-powered machines and are also easier to maneuver.
  • Battery-powered mowers provide many of the same environmental benefits as an electric mower. However, mower batteries generally last only about 5 years.
Going green and mowing green can sometimes be as easy as changing your mowing habits.
Tip adapted from EarthShare(v)