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It’s not just millennials who are attached and addicted to their phones. Smartphone addiction can affect just about anyone, and it’s really a “thing.” Unplugging is the answer – taking a break from social media, apps, games, calendars, and videos. Here are a few suggestions to help you detox from your phone:

Another app. This seems counterintuitive; however, there are apps that help control, or at least notify you about, how much time you’re spending online. The app Moment allows you to set a limit on how many times you can check your device. Apps like Dinner Mode and Flipd let you choose the amount of time to unplug, and you even get rewarded for it when you do.

Face time. The real “face time” – person-to-person social interactions. If you work from home, try doing your work in a cafe or join a co-working space to interact with others. Also, be sure to schedule in social time with family and friends and leave your phone behind.

Research has shown that the more time we spend plugged in, the more stress we have. So, unplug and chill; you’ll be glad you did!

Tip adapted from mindbodygreen

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