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That long, uphill putt. So unpredictable. So frustrating. Even after carefully examining the terrain, considering the club impact, and analyzing the ball’s trajectory, you know the ball may land just about anywhere. Except for the hole. It’s one of the most challenging shots on the course.

What’s the solution? You imagine the shot just needs a little more punch and power, right?

Not so fast. Your primary aim for these types of shots is simply to get the ball over the hill. And the best way to do that is with more ball speed. Greater ball speed isn’t achieved by tighter putter grips or knocking the ball harder, which reduces ball control.

To gain better ball speed—without sacrificing control—get into a more stable position as you prepare to address the ball, which may include a wider stance. During the shot, the key is to make longer, not harder, strokes. The swing should be smooth and easy.

To put more focus into your putt, imagine you’re hitting a draw. This type of stroke will reduce backspin.

Tip adapted from www.GolfDigest.com/story/dont-let-uphill-putts-fool-you

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